Fujifilm XF 200mm f2 R LM OIS WR Telephoto X Mount Lens & 1.4X TC Kit (pre-order)

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  • 200mm focal length (35mm Full Frame equivalent of 305mm equivalent)
  • Wide angle zoom, perfect for landscapes and architecture
  • Fast f/2 constant maximum aperture
  • Focuses as close as 1.8m
  • 105mm filter thread
  • 9 bladed diaphragm
  • Measures 122mm x 205.5mm
  • Weighs 2,265g
    Fujifilm XF 1.4X f/2 WR Teleconverter:
  • 1.4x teleconverter
  • Extends focal length to 280mm when paired with the XF 200mm
  • (35mm Full Frame equivalent of 427mm)
  • Reduces light transmission by 1 stop
  • Measures 58mm x 15mm
  • Weighs 130g

The Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR Telephoto Lens is a super-fast telephoto lens, offering a bright maximum f-stop of 2.0 and a 35mm Full Frame focal length equivalent to 305mm. Taking advantage of technologies synonymous with Fujifilm lenses, this telephoto lens boasts exceptional image clarity with the ability to produce beautiful bokeh, making it the perfect choice for shooting sports and wildlife.

The lens which is able to utilize the full capability of Fujifilm’s X-Trans CMOS sensor to achieve edge-to-edge sharpness even when the aperture is wide open. It faithfully captures the atmosphere of each scene, thanks to its outstanding performance and ability to produce beautiful bokeh. Furthermore, the lens features a Focus Preset function, allowing photographers to quickly change the focus to a preset position to capture subjects with ease. The lens barrel is made of magnesium alloy which makes it both lightweight yet very durable. The lens is also resistant to dust, moisture and low temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use by professional photographers in challenging conditions.

Fujifilm XF 1.4X f/2 WR Teleconverter
The Fujifilm XF 1.4X f/2 WR Teleconverter is a high-performance teleconverter that is fitted between a camera and a lens to extend the lens’ focal length by 1.4 times. When combined with the XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR, the teleconverter provides a 35mm Full Frame focal length equivalent to 427mm. It is designed to minimize any aberrations to ensure high image quality even when the maximum aperture of f/2 is used