Nikon AIS

Nikon FM Series

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    Nikon FM3A Black (boxed)

    £550.00 Mint-


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    Nikon FM2n Chrome #8090xxx (boxed)

    £350.00 Exc+++


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    Nikon FM2n Black #7747xxx

    £220.00 Exc


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    Nikon FM Chrome #3413xxx New door seal & mirror foam

    £170.00 Exc+


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    Nikon MD-12 Motor Drive (fits FM FE FM2 FM2n FE2 FM3A)

    £40.00 Exc

Nikon FE Series

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    Nikon FE2 Black

    £190.00 User


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    Nikon FE Chrome ~ New mirror foam & door seal

    £180.00 Exc+


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    Nikon FE Chrome #4417xxx New foam fitted to mirror box and film door

    £190.00 Exc+++


Nikon F3

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    Nikon F3 Moderate paint wear on film door and base plate

    £230.00 User


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    Nikon F3HP

    £490.00 Mint


Nikon Ai/Ais Lenses

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    Nikon 20mm f4 AI Convrted

    £160.00 Exc+
  • Nikon 20mm f3.5 AIS #228xxx

    £290.00 Mint-


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    Nikon 24mm f2 AI

    £350.00 Exc++


  • Nikon 24mm f2.8 AI

    £190.00 Exc++
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    Nikon 24mm f2.8 AI

    £160.00 Exc
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    Nikon 28mm f3.5 Nikkor-S AI Converted #253xxx

    £70.00 User; clean optis
  • Nikon 28mm f4 Perspective Control #174xxx

    £320.00 Exc
  • Nikon 28mm f4 Perspective Control #177xxx

    £290.00 Exc
  • Zeiss 100mm f2 Makro-Planar ZF.2 T* + hood Moderate paint wear on focusing ring (boxed)

    £590.00 Exc
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    Nikon 35mm f1.4 AIS

    £420.00 Mint-
  • Nikon 180mm f2.8 AIS ED

    £230.00 Exc
  • Nikon 200mm f4 AI

    £80.00 User


  • Nikon 300mm f2.8 AIS ED

    £570.00 User
  • Nikon 500mm f4 P AIS ED + hood & flight case

    £950.00 Exc
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    Nikon TC-14B

    £110.00 Exc

Nikon Manual focus camera repairs

Aperture proudly offers an in-house repair service specialising in mechanical cameras and lenses. We provide full CLA and repair services for Nikon cameras and lenses. Our aim is to provide a service with a rapid turnaround, usually
within a week. All our repair work carries a guarantee of six months.

Guide to our grading

Our condition ratings are used as a guide, we endeavour to give the most complete and accurate description of each item, however we aren’t always perfect.

Our cameras and Lenses will always come with front, rear or body caps. They do not come with hoods, boxes, manuals, etc. unless otherwise stated.

All of the equipment we sell has been inspected and is in full working order and comes with 6 months guarantee (12 months guarantee for Leica mechanical bodies and lenses).

As New Condition – The item will be unmarked and in the same condition as purchasing a brand new item.

Mint Condition – No visible marks. The item will have been lightly used but extremely well looked after.

Nr. Mint condition – Item may show some very faint rub marks on body or barrel but otherwise would be described as Mint.

Mint- condition – Item may show some very fine marks on body or barrel.

Exc+++ condition – Item may show light signs of wear and minor marks on body or barrel.

Exc++ condition – Would overall be in clean condition. Light cosmetic scratches or rubbing marks may show in places. Paint might have lightly been wearing off in a few area (usually on the edges).

Exc+ condition – Would overall be in average condition. Light cosmetic marks may show in more places. In the case of many cameras, wear on the edges might have just gone through the paint where minor brass will be evidence as a result. 

Exc condition – Item will show moderate signs of use (not abuse); moderate marks or loss of paint on edged surfaces. 

User condition – Heavily used. Item will show significant cosmetic wear, but will still  be in good working order unless otherwise stated.

Most of our used equipment is from keen amateurs or collectors and is in full working order and comes with a six months guarantee (12 months for Leica M & R series), unless otherwise stated.

Our lenses will rarely have any heavy marks on the elements or fungus inside; if they do we try our best to point out all the cosmetic marks and imperfections.